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Experience Macau Your Own Style

Macao was a Portuguese colony for 300 years, a heritage marked by a wonderful cultural hybridity that manifests itself in all aspects of life. Chinese temples stand on maritime-themed Portuguese tiles. The sound of Cantonese permeates streets with Portuguese names. And when you're hungry, it could be dim sum or Portuguese egg tarts that come to the rescue.


Top Sights in Macao

Comprising over 20 ancient monuments and urban squares interwoven in the heart of the city, the historic district is collectively known as "The Historic Centre of Macao" and inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2005. It stands today as a living testimony to the integration and co-existence of eastern and western cultures over a unique chapter in history. Leisurely explore the Historic Centre of Macao – you will discover various magnificent heritages and unveil their wonderful stories!


Top Experiences in Macao

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